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     Massage & Chronic Injury    

 Before  Treatment 

 After Treatment

I suffered a back injury from a car accident  that I was in as a teenager. I was advised to get surgery on my back by doctors due to the injury. The thought of surgery on my back seemed too drastic to myself and my family. Throughout the years I was able to just grow accustom to the discomfort it caused me and tried some things such as stretching and exercise to relieve the pain. About 12 yrs. later the muscle spasms in my back were causing what you would call a slight deformity. I could no longer see or feel my shoulder blade or my spine and the entire right side of my back was 1 to 2 inches larger than the other. Terree introduced me to massage therapy about 6 months ago. I had  massage treatments over a 3 month period and now I am so relieved from the results.  Now my shoulder blade is visible again, my posture has improved and I don’t have pain on a daily basis in between my shoulder blade and ribs. Not only did it help with my back injury it helped my entire body as a whole. The feeling you have the next day from the stress reliefis indescribable. I would recommend massage to anyone and everyone.    

                                                                                                                                                                                  Signed Anonymous Client

Appropriate Massage Therapy improves circulation, enabling excess fluid and damaged Tissue to be flushed away. With improved circulation more nutrients are brought to the area of the rebuilding tissue which helps it become stronger more pliable and heal more quickly. Chronic injuries have a gradual onset, tend to last for a long time or recur often. Repeated or extreme stresses can cause minute leasions of the connective tissue of the tendons, muscles and fascia Which causes local, low grade inflammation, taut bands, reduced circulation, pain and dysfunction in the area. Chronic conditions pose a varied response according to which structures are involved and the type of injury.

With this paticular injury I used Myofascial Techniques to reduce adhesions and fascial restrictions. Cross Fiber Friction to to break down  adhesions and help realign fiber integrity. Neuromuscular Techniques to release trigger points, stress points and tension in the area and to increase strength and flexibility. Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) stretching, active and passive joint movement to increase range of motion (ROM).Swedish Massage Techniques to reconnect injury to adjacent areas.

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