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Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works
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Blue Pacific Massage & Body Works
    P.O. Box 1339, Victorville, CA. 92393
Terree Nelson is a Massage Therapist providing high quality massage therapy in the HIgh Desert Area in CA. She graduated Validictorian of her class at Four D College, in Victorville, CA. with a 4.0 GPA. Awarded the Annual Academic Award along with an Annual Perfect Attendance Award.
She is Certified with California  Massage Therapy Council, CAMTC, She has earned her title CMT with all of the attendant CMT rights and privilages granted her through California state law.She is free to practice massage therapy as a respected professional in any jurisdiction within California in accordance with the law.
State Certificate # 26490 may be verified here with CAMTC.
As a Massage Therapist  Terree strives  to be the best she can be and follow a rewarding path in the Massage Therapy field, to utilize her skills and experience in customer satisfaction and provide excellent service in helping others with the benefits of massage.
Massage is a perfect way to ad to good health, it can also provide an integration of body and mind, producing a meditative state or heightened awareness, massagecan provide emotional and spiritual balance, giving you true relaxation and peace.
Contact: Use this form to contact me to set an appointment for your massage session, I will get back to you within 24hrs.  Your Informaton is strictly confidential and will not be sold or shared with any 3rd parties.